We are so excited to launch our new website, which has been a long and eagerly awaited event for us! Having established as a business in 2012 and having our first website created at the end of 2012, it was time for a fresh new look to match our ‘re-branding’ and our current offer as a business.

Over the last few years, we have grown and developed a lot as a business, and we wanted our website to reflect all the amazing things we do.

Amie, our Founder, has been painstakingly going through the website with a fine toothcomb through every stage of its development – perhaps a sign here of her natural driver of ‘Be Perfect’! However, she has had the amazing support of Camilla Fellas-Arnold (from Tecassia Publishing) who has proof-read a lot of the content and added her own creative writing flair to make the content reflect our values and approach at Grow, which is about being relationship focused, collaborative, warm and approachable whilst still remaining professional in all we do. Camilla is also the wonderful lady behind our re-branding and new logo design.

We have had an excellent level of support and patience from the team at Pebble, particularly David L, who has been on the receiving end of our many requests for changes and adaptations to get the website just as we want it to be.

Great thanks also go to our team, who have all personally contributed to our ‘Meet the Team’ page, which provides an insight into each and everyone one us on a professional and personal level. A special thanks goes to Louise, who is the course leader for our Teacher Training and Assessor courses. Louise has given a lot of her time and support to help create the course pages and brochures for the Teacher Training section of our website.

We love our new website and we hope you like it too! Any feedback would be very much welcomed, so please let us know what you think!