Find out more about our bespoke in-house training programmes and one to one and team coaching services to help grow and develop talent and strengthen leadership skills within your organisation.

Developing Your People

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Developing You

Find out more about our wide selection of ‘open’ training programmes, for those who want to self-fund, or for individuals who want to attend a training course externally to their organisation.

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As part of our accredited Executive Coaching & Mentoring programmes we support our executive coach trainees to find clients to work with on a pro-bono basis.  If you would be interested in finding out more about the free coaching services provided by our trainees on our programmes, please contact us to find out more and apply! You can email us at:

Growing Talent

This is the name of game for us! The priority at Grow is to help every individual develop and improve both professionally and personally. We help our partner organisations nurture their talent, enabling them to grow their business. We believe people are the key to the success of every organisation and a business that invests in developing and supporting its people will reap the benefits.

Results Focused

What’s the point if you don’t get results? Our training and coaching services are designed and delivered with specific outcomes in mind, shaped by the business partners and individuals with whom we work. This allows us to ensure that whatever training or coaching solution we provide, it helps those we are working with to achieve the results they want and need.

Optimising Performance

We believe every individual has many strengths and talents. We help people make the most of their talents and strengths and our focus is on working with individuals and teams to develop those strengths and expand them to their full potential. This growth and expansion optimises performance, supporting the individuals and organisations we work with.

Working in Partnership

‘Clients’ isn’t a word that’s in our Grow dictionary! Instead, we choose to have partners who we work with collaboratively, allowing us to deliver a truly bespoke and personalised service. Our focus is understanding what both individual participants and business partners want to achieve, working in collaboration to find the ‘right fit’  for their training or coaching needs.

Welcome to Grow Development Solutions

At Grow we build strong, lasting partnerships with the organisations and individuals we work with, allowing us to deliver results focused training and coaching solutions.

We believe in:

  • People and their capacity to develop and grow

  • Being professional and building strong, open collaborative relationships with the individuals and organisations we work with

  • Making learning and development engaging, fun, relatable and results focused

  • Providing training and coaching solutions that are challenging and take people outside of their comfort zone

Developing You

Leadership & Management Courses

Our selection of leadership and management courses provide a real insight into the skills and behaviours required to effectively manage or lead individuals and teams. Our emphasis is on developing you as an authentic leader, ensuring that your style and approach is well-matched to your own personality and qualities.

Coaching & Mentoring Courses

If you are passionate about developing people to be the best they can be, our coaching and mentoring courses might be just what you are looking for! Our
courses will help you develop the knowledge and skills to allow you to become a confident and competent coach and mentor to others.

Training, Assessor & Facilitation Courses

We offer City & Guilds accredited teacher training and assessor qualifications. Enabling those working in the post-compulsory education sector to develop their skills, and knowledge of tools, methods and approaches to effectively deliver and assess in the learning environment. Our selection of accredited ‘train the trainer’ and facilitation courses are aimed at those who want to build their skills to teach others or facilitate more effective workshops and meetings.

One to One Coaching

If you want a supportive and challenging ‘thinking partner’ to help you expand your self-awareness, one of our professional, qualified coaches can help.
Working one to one with a coach will allow you to spend time untangling issues you may be facing or help you realise and achieve your full potential. We offer a free initial 30 minutes consultation to all potential coachees to learn about your goals and expectations from the coaching relationship.

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Developing Your People

Bespoke In-House Training Courses

We specialise in working closely with you, our business partner, to design and deliver the ‘right’ training solution, that is tailored to your people, your culture and is in-line with your goals. Working collaboratively, we’ll help you get what you need from our services, providing a solution tailored to your needs.

Leadership & Management Courses

Whether you are looking to provide training and support for those stepping up into management or to support your existing managers and leaders. Our range of qualifications and accredited training courses support managers and leaders to develop their confidence, skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively lead and manage their team in the workplace.

Coaching & Mentoring Courses

Our range of coaching and mentoring qualifications and accredited courses are designed to develop your people. Empowering them to have impactful coaching conversations, enabling them to work more effectively and with more autonomy in their working environment.

One to One & Team Coaching

A training course isn’t always the right solution for the partners we work with. We ensure that we can still support our partners developing their people and
achieving their goals by offering a range of one to one and team coaching services. Through coaching we help individuals and teams gain clarity and focus
enabling them to maximise their performance.

What people say about us

“I want to thank you for delivering a first class programme that has given me the opportunity to develop my ability as a coach by raising my knowledge and skills and perhaps most significantly for me, has boosted my personal confidence in my day to day work”.

“The course has been very enjoyable, informative and engaging and it’s delivered in a manner which is fun to learn, especially for those of us which are new to management, I can’t wait for the next day of the course!”

“Having been actively involved in promoting, scoping and delivering executive coaching and consolidating coaching cultures over the past 15+ years, I took some time reviewing alternative coaching accreditations and coaching schools, once I decided to reinforce and refine my coaching experience and knowledge. Having spent time speaking to a number of coaching educators regarding their accreditations and approach, I was impressed by the competence, commitment and creativity of Grow Development Solutions and have been very pleased with my decision to join their ILM Level 7 Diploma programme for Executive & Senior Level Coaches & Mentors”.

“The Honda Leadership Programme has helped me identify my own key areas of improvement and act upon them. The material is relatable to our industry and provides modern insights that cut straight to the issues we are commonly faced with every day. Without a doubt, the lessons I have learned have developed my skills in both a professional and personal capacity.”

“Grow Development Solutions provide you with a comprehensive programme, with a good balance of workshops, support and practical interactions. It also represents good value because supervision and tutorials are also included in the package”.

“I have attended similar training programmes in my previous roles, and I originally saw the Talent Management Programme as a refresher. However, Amie took time to understand our business and strategy, and delivered a bespoke training course taking our particular needs and drivers into account. This has helped me personally to develop and apply new techniques in coaching and mentoring for my team, but also to focus on the wider picture such as impact on leadership and strategy led objectives. I believe as a group the Talent Management Programme has helped develop a dedicated and effective team of successful managers at Babington.”

“A great couple of days of training with a very inspiring lady – thank you very much!”

“The ILM Level 7 course with Grow Development Solutions is an excellent investment to gain a highly regarded coaching and mentoring qualification whether you are wanting to develop advanced coaching skills as an internal coach or to set up your own coaching practice. The course leaders combine deep coaching knowledge with outstanding facilitation skills making the course hugely informative and lots of fun. The course contains a very effective combination of theory and practical work. I would definitely recommend it”.

“Well thought-out content, delivered in an engaging and fun style.”

“The course was conducted in a very professional manner with the course facilitator having exceptional understanding of each individual and their strengths and weaknesses. Could not have been better. Thank you”.

“After looking for a Level 7 Executive Coaching course for over 12 months, I was recommended Grow Development by a business acquaintance. I hadn’t considered an ILM qualification but after an initial phone call with Amie I felt very confident that the content and level of tutorial support, as well as the observed coaching and supervision, were exactly what I was looking for. The course content is well structured, comprehensive and very well delivered. Having the ability to complete all workshops virtually has been a real bonus. I would highly recommend Grow Development to anyone looking for a high quality tuition, with excellent support and a really enjoyable learner journey”.

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Giving Something Back

At Grow, relationships are a big deal to us, and we enjoy ‘giving back’ to individuals and organisations by offering some of our services for free.  We also offer highly discounted rates for those in the voluntary and charitable sector. Find out more here about what we’re currently doing.

Current Offers

During these challenging times we are committed, now more than ever, to providing you with the best offers we can provide. We want to ensure that you
have access to all of our training and coaching services at discounted rates, helping you to continue your growth and development in the virtual world.

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