What We Offer

Whilst all our programmes and consultancy services are bespoke for each partner we work with, the overview below indicates some of the key development solutions and services we offer.
Please contact us to find out more about what we do and what else we can offer your business!

Development Solutions

Management Development The content for these programmes is designed in collaboration with our partners.  Programmes will usually consist of a series of workshops/full day events offering delegates an opportunity to focus on specific issues/aspects of management development that is relevant to each individual’s needs and the needs of the business.
Leadership Development These programmes are primarily focused on the development of leadership skills rather than theory and knowledge.  However, all of our leadership development solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals we work with  – so there are no strict parameters with regards programme content and timescales
Team Development A fundamental part of these programmes is developing high performing teams.  The team development solutions package is mainly delivered over a series of full days, to allow for team building activities to be included in the programme.  The specific content of the programme will vary depending on the needs of our partners
Soft Skills Development A range of workshops to offer delegates an opportunity to develop their soft skills, such as; effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, influencing and negotiating, handling conflict and difficult conversations, assertiveness and developing confidence, presentation skills, coaching and mentoring, organisation skills and managing stress and work/life balance
Coaching One-to-one coaching to focus on specific issues which are relevant to the individual at that time; this can be specific to the development needs of the individual or more focused on business needs.  The coaching services provides leaders and managers with an opportunity to obtain practical and objective support, supporting them not only in their work-role but also covering aspects outside of work which may have an impact on their performance at work.
Train the Trainer A hands-on training programme designed to provide internal trainers with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver a training experience which is engaging, relevant and professional. Our train the trainer programme also focuses on our core belief that development should serve a real purpose and deliver results – as part of this programme we provide our delegates with the skills to effectively assess the impact they have had.

Consultancy Services

Learning and Development Focusing primarily on an end-to-end support programme, starting with the development of a L&D strategy through to measuring the impact of L&D – all of our consultancy services are bespoke to meet our partners needs and where appropriate we will also provide consultancy support with a specific aspect of the L&D cycle in isolation
Talent Management Working with our partners to review their approach to talent management and provide advice and support to develop talent management programmes which will enhance opportunities to maximise succession planning
Internal Coaching Programmes In collaboration with our partners we will develop internal coaching programmes, which will allow our partners to have bespoke coaching programmes that will suit the business and individual needs.  Our involvement with the programme can be as much or as little as our partner would like, depending on the specific requirements and outcomes expected
General Education Consultancy Services This aspect of consultancy work covers a wide range of services, primarily focused on quality improvement in the Further Education sector.  However, we would welcome the opportunity to work with our partners in the education sector on a range of aspects outside of the quality improvement remit